Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Blog

Ok! So I'm not the best blogger in the world! I feel like we so communicate the old fashion style - face to face, telephone - something more personal!

But here's my life now

Ammon - sophomore in college (wow where does the time fly) and has announced that this coming summer he wants to go on a mission. YIPPEE!!! I am so happy.

Cesar - same old same old....his landscape business has picked up :)

Me - busy with YW stuff to no end.... The Frankford branch is doing well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

Young Women's Camp 2009 at Camp Mack

These are all (well not all) the fourth year girls that went on the hike and camped overnight. I was not able to attend the hike. I am glad too because those back packs were heavy! Melanie (middle) has a shirt that jinxed the hike. Two of the girls (one from my branch) got lost on the way back from the hike.

Here are the girls from Frankford branch that went on the hike. Jessica Klenk, Charlesette Sudler, Lykifha Cherry and Chentelle Jenkins... Did they have fun? Well they all complained to me about it, over and over...but for some odd reason they are all planning on going again next year. :)

They will all be YCLs (youth camp leaders I believe is the new term)

The Lost Sheep have returned!!!!

Luckily Chentelle decided to leave her back pack on the ground to go look for them that's how the girls found their way back.

Luck or the guidance of the Spirit? ;)

Four girls crammed into one tent...

City girls afraid of spiders, insects, and any noise that isn't a car screech.

Look at the cute sleeping bag with the furry princess trim. :)

CPR training!!!

No worries Jessica is just fine. Charlie took good care of her. :)

Maybe Jess should win an Oscar for her role playing. :)

But here's the best part!!!! Look at MY skittles (as my son would call it)....I've saved Kiki's life!

No applause necessary.